After the last year in which churches around the world have been closed and congregations scattered, the SSJE Brothers invite you to “Come, Pray.” Join us in the receiving the daily gift of prayer – at home or wherever you find yourself. Across the weeks of Lent, listen in as Brothers discuss the rich and varied ways we pray, together in church and in our personal prayer. Then join us for worship, exploring a rich array of live-streamed services, culminating in the glories of Holy Week. “Come, pray in me the prayer I need this day.”

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Welcome to SSJE

We are a community of men giving our whole selves over to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rooted in the ancient monastic traditions of prayer and community life, and critically engaged with contemporary culture, we seek to know and share an authentic experience of God’s love and mercy. We live a common life shaped by worship, prayer, and our Rule of Life.

We invite you to explore these pages to learn more about how we live and pray, the tradition that grounds us, and the call that draws us onward day by day.

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Coming to Scripture prayerfully, and approaching it with the eyes and heart of faith, breaks open Scripture in a rather wonderful way, and God can speak words of truth which can be life changing. Our Rule describes this experience in these words: “It is the Spirit dwelling within us who brings the revelation of Scripture into a vital encounter with our inmost selves, and brings to birth new meanings and life.”

-Br. Geoffrey Tristram, SSJE

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Recent Sermons from the Chapel

Lord, Teach Us to Pray – Br. James Koester

By Br. James Koester | February 23, 2021 |

“For all its familiarity, the Lord’s Prayer is one of the most radical acts a Christian can do. It is radical, because in the first two words, we say something profound about ourselves, and about God.”

Br. James Koester invites us to be united in prayer as we proclaim our belongingness to God.

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Beloved – Br. Luke Ditewig

By Br. Luke Ditewig | February 21, 2021 |

“More giving up, letting go, and self-denial, more awareness of need and sin, more repentance and vulnerability? Do we really need more Lent? The past year feels like a long Lent with so much loss and grief, and it is as if we are still waiting for Easter. Now more Lenten wilderness again?”

Even amidst our weariness, Br. Luke Ditewig invites us to find a loving image of God to pray with and reminds us to listen for God’s steadfast refrain: “You are my beloved.”

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Physician and Saviour of our Souls – Br. James Koester

By Br. James Koester | February 19, 2021 |

“To offer and receive help, however, is not the sign of weakness so many of us think it is. Rather it is a sign of love, our giving, receiving, and needing love.”

Br. James Koester reveals our need and revels in our reliance on our Savior.

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Psalm 51 from The Compline Psalter

By admin | February 17, 2021 |

Psalm 51 from The Compline Psalter, Peter R. Hallock, ed. Dr. Jason Anderson. This setting of Psalm 51, sung today by Brs. Jonathan Maury, Curtis Almquist, Jim Woodrum, and Sean Glenn, comes from a collection written for the Compline Choir at Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, Wa. The Compline Choir frequently uses settings drawn from this…

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God Loves Humans – Br. David Vryhof

By Br. David Vryhof | February 17, 2021 |

“Every one of us has plenty of reasons to kneel in repentance today. But here’s the Good News: Jesus came for sinners. He was born, lived and died, and was raised again for people like you and me.”

On Ash Wednesday, Br. David Vryhof acknowledges our humanity and points us to God’s heart, overflowing with love for us.

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