The Monastery Chapel and Guesthouse are closed.


At this time when the Monastery Chapel is closed, the Brothers invite you to join us for our nightly Compline - the ancient monastic service of bedtime prayers.

As you prepare for Compline, you might consider lighting a candle. To follow the service, use the Book of Common Prayer (pages 127-135) or the Order of Service below.

We pray you all will know "a quiet night."

Read or download the Order of Service

Welcome to SSJE

We are a community of men giving our whole selves over to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rooted in the ancient monastic traditions of prayer and community life, and critically engaged with contemporary culture, we seek to know and share an authentic experience of God’s love and mercy. We live a common life shaped by worship, prayer, and our Rule of Life.

We invite you to explore these pages to learn more about how we live and pray, the tradition that grounds us, and the call that draws us onward day by day.

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Jesus assures us, “I will give you whatever you ask in my name….” We need to know a great deal about Jesus and the enormity of his love – what Jesus would want for those for whom we pray – and then pray our hearts out. In our praying, we should presume that Jesus will very likely reciprocate, in asking us to be a part of the answer to that prayer.

-Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE

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Recent Sermons from the Chapel

I will not leave you comfortless – Br. Sean Glenn

By Br. Sean Glenn | May 24, 2020 |

“Like the community of Jesus’ friends in the days after the Ascension, we may find ourselves comfortless, vulnerable, helplessly ignorant of any of the possibilities that God might have in store, faced with gargantuan challenges and daily choices that could have consequences far beyond our own imagining—both for good and for ill.”

Br. Sean Glenn finds wisdom for coping with today in the Scriptures describing how the disciples navigated the uncertain days between Jesus’ Ascension and the day of Pentecost.

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Mi casa es su casa – Br. Geoffrey Tristram

By Br. Geoffrey Tristram | May 23, 2020 |

“God’s generosity is so overflowing, that he longs for each one of us, whoever we are, whether we feel like a stranger, or unworthy, God longs for us to ‘come home’, to come and live with God forever. You could say that the whole Gospel is about God inviting and welcoming each one of us with these gracious words, ‘Mi casa es su casa’: ‘my home is your home.’”

In this time of isolation, Br. Geoffrey Tristram invites us to consider how we have known hospitality and how we can share it now.

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Sorrow will turn into Joy – Br. David Vryhof

By Br. David Vryhof | May 23, 2020 |

“All of us have experienced pain in this time of coronavirus.  Many have experienced significant loss and grief.  The experience of suffering is an unavoidable part of the human condition.  And yet, even in suffering, we can look forward to the joy of deliverance.”

Br. David Vryhof encourages us to lift our eyes above the suffering of the present moment.

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Live All You Can – Br. Geoffrey Tristram

By Br. Geoffrey Tristram | May 17, 2020 |

“If the present time is making you feel stir crazy, bored, or listless, don’t put your life on hold! Instead, consider whether this might be an invitation to you from the Spirit, to live life abundantly: now… today.”

Br. Geoffrey Tristram invites us to ask the Spirit’s help in discovering and experiencing abundant life, even in the midst of pandemic.

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The God on the Mountain – Br. David Vryhof

By Br. David Vryhof | May 16, 2020 |

“God’s love surrounds you on every side and in every circumstance of life, and that love can never fail, or be taken from you.  You are loved unconditionally, now and forever.  Abide in that love, draw strength from it every day, rest in it every night.  Whatever you’re going through right now, of this you can be sure: you are deeply loved by God, and always will be. God will never forsake you.”

In these times of trial, Br. David Vryhof encourages us to draw on Christ’s strength, trust in his power, claim his steadfastness, and embrace his promise of life.

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Join us as we explore the riches of our worship traditions, liturgy and sacraments, and the art and architecture of our worship spaces, revealing the full meaning of these signs, deepening our experience of Christian vocation and guiding us toward ongoing conversion.

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