The Searching Love of God – Br. Geoffrey Tristram

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  1. Margaret Hodgkins on February 27, 2012 at 09:13

    Thank you for your inspiring meditation in these early days of our Lenten journey. To be broken open sounds painful. Maybe that’s why Jonathan Swift hated Lent. But when I think of Lent as an adventure, it becomes more appealing to get started on the journey. Whether the adventure is a pilgrimage to another culture and religion, or a conscious shifting of our familiar environment through an ascetic discipline, or even by circumstances outside of our control–adventure brings with it a fresh sense of freedom to explore how God is searching for us. With the inevitable pitfalls and the uncomfortable revelations about ourselves which we encounter on the way, this journey always ends with resurrection. I find this deeply reassuring.

  2. jane goldring on February 27, 2012 at 06:43

    geoffrey thanks for those words. right now in our parish we have had a tragic situation with one of our long time parishoners who has been taking money from our givings. it went on for 13 years before it was discovered this month when the annual report was being prepared. i was talking to the rector yesterday before church and he was telling me that the person had no income and was using this to live on. I think the best thing our parionshers can do is pray for him and offer any help we can. i think the rector and the board handled the situation very well. As the rector said in his homily to remember him in our prayers. During lent try to give more of ourselfs and pray for those in more need then we have.

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