Intercessions: Grace – Br. Jonathan Maury

We invite you to pray these intercessions, composed by Br. Jonathan Maury for this preaching series, which followed the sermon at the Tuesday Eucharist.

God loved the world and gave the only Son, the eternal Word by whom all things were created, to become flesh and live among us. Thankful that Christ has made known to us the grace and truth of the Eternal Father, let us pray saying, Gracious God, we thank you.

You strengthened the Beloved Disciple and Mary to stand at Golgotha, beholding the suffering of Christ. For that perfect love shown on the cross, by which we receive grace to face together all that we are tempted to run from in fear, Gracious God, we thank you.

You broke all the limits of generosity in the incarnation of your Son, who emptied himself for our sake. For the graces and gifts by which you bring us to share in that same simplicity, obedience and self-offering love, Gracious God, we thank you.

Through the mystery of prayer you draw us to participate in your divine life, that ceaseless interchange of mutual love which unites your Three-Personed Being. For the graces of worship, meditation and your Spirit praying within us, Gracious God, we thank you.

You teach us to revere ourselves as those in whom Christ dwells, and you create us in your image as mysteries that cannot be fathomed. For the gift of the silence of adoring love for you which our words cannot express, Gracious God, we thank you.

You grant us grace in Baptism to surrender our lives to you through the vows which bind us to Christ. For the voice of the Spirit which never ceases to call us into deeper union with you and one another, Gracious God, we thank you.

For your Wisdom communicated to us in prayer and life, and absorbed into our hearts for ever; for your voice coming to us ever new, and bringing gifts beyond what we know now, Gracious God, we thank you.

With hearts emboldened by your gracious favor and love toward us, we now name before you, O God, the persons and concerns for which you would have us pray:

O God, you have given us the Good News of your abounding love in your Son Jesus Christ: So fill our hearts with thankfulness that we may rejoice to proclaim the good tidings we have received; through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.


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    Thank you, Thank You,

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