Intercessions: Passion – Br. Jonathan Maury


Jonathan Maury SSJEWe invite you to pray these intercessions, composed by Br. Jonathan Maury for this preaching series, which followed the sermon at the Tuesday Eucharist.

When his hour came, the eternal Son consummated his obedience to the Father and expressed his love for us to the uttermost, by offering himself on the cross. That all people may know that God loves them even as God loves Jesus, let us pray saying, Loving God, suffer your passion in us.

On our own we are powerless to act in self-less freedom in response to all that you desire. That we may spend our lives abiding in Christ, who came to do your will, and give ourselves up to the attraction of his glory, we pray, Loving God, suffer your passion in us.

The testimony of the disciple whom Jesus loved has a special power for those whom you call into his fellowship. That the one closest to Jesus’ heart at the supper may be an icon of the relationship we enjoy with your Son through prayer, we pray, Loving God, suffer your passion in us.

Christ’s gift of enduring love called the Church into being from the cross when he gave Mary and John to one another as mother and son. That we may have grace to risk all for Christ, who risked and gave all for us, we pray, Loving God, suffer your passion in us.

Through the mystery of self-giving love you open our hearts to the pain and weakness in the lives of our brothers and sisters. That we may know your presence in sharing one another’s experiences of suffering, grief, and loss, we pray, Loving God, suffer your passion in us.

Our sexuality, power to love, and creative energy for relationship are of your making and belong to the heart of our humanity. That by offering these gifts to Christ to bless, shape and use them, we may mirror your passionate love for all creation, we pray, Loving God, suffer your passion in us.

Following the example of Jesus, we learn to listen to you intently, and to support each other in the struggle against all that resists your gracious will. That we may burn with Christ’s desire for your justice and peace, we pray, Loving God, suffer your passion in us.

With hearts set aflame by your passionate love, O God, we now name before you the persons and concerns that you have placed in them:         (Silence)


O passionate God, you so loved the world that you gave your only-begotten Son to reconcile earth with heaven: Grant that we, loving you above all things, may love our friends in you, and our enemies for your sake; through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.


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