Cowley Magazine – Winter 2010

Selected articles:
A Homily from the Holy Eucharist of Resurrection in thanksgiving for the life & witness of Paul Wessinger SSJE (1915-2009) – Br. Curtis Almquist
Engaging in Ministry with Young Adults: The Ongoing Legacy of Br. Paul Wessinger, SSJE – Br. Mark Brown
A Sending God: SSJE and Mission in the 21st Century – Br. Kevin Hackett


  1. Catherine Powell on August 31, 2010 at 13:38

    Dear Friends,
    I am so glad to receive the magazine online. Probably because of my changes in jobs and locations, the print magazine was no longer reaching me. Hopefully it will be easier for the online version to follow me and others through such changes.
    Just seeing the photographs of the monastery and the faces of the brothers brought the peaceful feeling of being there (notably for Holy Week–2004?).
    Catherine Powell
    presently Rector, Church of the Servant
    Wilmington, NC

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