Day Two – Handing on What We Have Received

:  Tradition is often cited as an authoritative source, with roots in the past. How does it function in the present Rule, and in the community’s life?

Br. Kevin Hackett: Tradition is such a rich word, which in its Latin origins (traditio) means simply, “that which is handed on or over.” A past of some sort is presumed, of course, but the orientation is toward the future (for us, God’s future) rather than the past. I experience our Rule of Life to be just that—and I can say that because I come from that tier of men who arrived in the community after the Rule had become a finished, or I should say more accurately, a published document. And I already have the sense that while there is much in it that I want to see handed on to the next generation, there are parts that are clearly not going to move forward in the natural process of winnowing and revision.


  1. The Rev. Canon Charles Black (Charlie for short!) on March 10, 2011 at 15:41

    OK short version – I was in a retreat situation where I was able to reflect on the RULE. I watch for your reflections with interest and prayer! CSB

  2. The Rev. Canon Charles Black (Charlie for short!) on March 10, 2011 at 15:39

    Brothers – By some stretch of good luck I had a time in a placement which gave me time to make it like a retreat for two weeks. My theme was the Rule for reflection and prayer. God works in mysterious etc etc.


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