Day Seven – On the Threshold of Glory

As Brothers reminisce about the process of rewriting, it sounds like you were often in a very liminal space, spiritually. Did you realize that at the time or has awareness come in retrospect?

Br. Jonathan Maury: I think it is true to say that, in the moment, it usually felt as though this was just a good conversation. As those mounted up, I think many of us began to feel as though something extraordinary was taking place, that the Spirit was very much present and active and leading us in the Way which is Truth and Life.

Br. Curtis Almquist: At the beginning, we were just having conversations about our experience of life, with no holds barred. On another level, this process helped us gain access to the reality of the Incarnation.  The previous Rule was a spiritual document. This one, from early on, acknowledged the reality of things like disappointments—in our selves, in each other, in God’s call to us.


  1. John C. Cosby on March 15, 2011 at 17:17

    Bless you brothers for sharing the struggles as you look at the rule . A special point as you look at the rule is that we all must have rules to live by or to live with. It is not a first for you to do this in “public” . I first became aware of this society in 1959 when I first became a lay professional in the Dioceses in Rhode Island. I became an associate shortly there after now after five years of serving with a brain tumor my joy in life is Eucharist at the local church(Christ Church, Roanoke Va.) and to continue to support sex offenders in prison, mostly by mail and helping them deal with their issues, “that’s a story in its self”.
    I am sharing these messages with my freshman college roommate and midlife college sophmore from a local college(Hollins University). Thanks again.

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