Day Eight – An Interpreter's Guide

: The Rule describes the Superior as the chief interpreter of the Rule. Br. Curtis, you were the first Superior whose tenure was entirely under its authority. Are there places in the Rule that required you to stretch that interpretative authority as the Community lived into its mandates?

Br. Curtis Almquist: Oh yes. The most obvious place is in the chapter on The Rhythm of Feast and Fast (28), where we say that the Community “will join our Brothers in a fast of preparation on the day before they make their vows.” Great idea. Noble intention. Completely impractical. I think we did it once. On those occasions we are exercising extremely demanding ministries of hospitality to a Brother’s family and friends, preparations with food, music, flowers, and liturgy—in practice, we incorporated that fast day and its intentions to another time, and were much more sane for having done so.

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