Day Twenty – Incarnate Life

: Would it be accurate to say, then, that a renewed understanding of the Incarnation, the lived reality of God taking on flesh, both in members of the Community individually and in the Society  collectively, was the catalyst for renewal?

Br. Curtis Almquist: The Incarnation became the hermeneutic through which we had our conversations—though it wasn’t in my memory, a conscious thing.  Rather, it transformed how we talked about ourselves and the innate gifts and interests that each Brother carried within his person, and we distanced ourselves from the kind of faux asceticism that, at one time in our history, automatically discounted the interests and gifts a Brother brought with him when he entered the Community. It seemed obvious as we had conversations around maintaining our health and creativity (44), that we were moving into a very different relationship to this document.

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  1. Jose Latour on March 28, 2011 at 12:02

    Brother Curtis: one of the things which first drew me to SSJE and ultimately to the Fellowship is specifically this awareness in the SSJE Rule that incorporating the individual gifts of the brothers into the collective spiritual direction of the order is essential; to do otherwise would be to selectively discard God-given rewards and deny the brotherhood the benefit of a broad spectrum of inspirational resources emanating from each individual brother.

    When I was a Sigma Chi in college, what first drew me to the fraternity (besides the White Cross!) was its acknowledgment that the brothers were men of different “temperaments, talents, and convictions” and that this was superior to a group of brothers who were homogeneous in their backgrounds and beliefs.

    I have no doubt that SSJE’s nurturing of these individual gifts within the collective body is a prime reason for the power and energy behind SSJE’s ministry…and the reason why I am always trying to plan my next visit to SSJE. Keep the Lenten thoughts coming and my best to everyone. Jose

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