Day Twenty-Five – We Fall and Fall Again

: One of the sources that is incorporated so seamlessly into the Rule is the wisdom of the desert fathers and mothers—along with modern insights drawn from psychology and the social sciences. With Scripture and the Community’s lived experience, this makes for a very rich mix of spirituality.

Br. Geoffrey Tristram: That’s true, but it’s also true that there is nothing elitist about the Rule. Like the Scriptures, like the desert tradition, this is a document, a resource, a way for any Christian to live with intention. The spiritual life is about growth in grace, not being some kind of spiritual expert or guru. The Rule rightly presumes that we will “fall and fall again,” (30) and it also rightly presumes that we will keep getting up and going on, shedding what we do not need in order to keep pace with the risen Christ who goes before us.

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