Day Twenty-Six – What Did We Miss?

: The Community published the Rule in 1997, and Brothers who were part of the rewriting process had spent a decade living the work-in-progress. Even with that lived experience, are there places where interpretation or revision now seem necessary?

Br. Jonathan Maury: I think the chapter on Employees (35) is certainly one place.  Our intentions were good and right with what we came up with in that chapter, but I also think there are gaps.  We hardly mention volunteers, for instance, a whole network of people without whom are life simply would not work, and we say nothing of the cadre of advisers and other helpers—partners in ministry—that make our life and ministry possible.

Br. Kevin Hackett: I agree. When I came to the Community, we scarcely ever solicited volunteer help. Now we simply could not do what we do without a huge network of women and men who offer us their time, their talent, their expertise—and then thank us for accepting! I never cease to be humbled by this dynamic. And I think it’s exactly right that that is the effect, being humbled, that puts us in right relationship to so many other aspects of our life and Rule. 

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