Day Twenty-Seven – Modesty and Restraint

: It’s curious how often the chapter on Employees (35) comes up in these discussions. That suggests that a lot of energy has coalesced there. Why is that?

Br. Curtis Almquist: I think it indicates a recognition that we needed to say something, that we wanted to do the right thing.  And we did our best. But I do not think it is our place to name in the Rule the role in the Body of Christ that our employees may or may not claim for themselves. That’s their prerogative, not ours. We intended good, but I think we were unintentionally presumptuous, and if the next version of the Rule includes a chapter on employees (and volunteers and advisers and all the other people who enable our life and ministry), I think we will need to speak with much more modesty and restraint.  And finally, I think, we were naïve about our role as an employer, which is a legal, contractual relationship and not pastoral relationship.

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