Day Thirty-Two – No Spiritual Elites

  For a document that was written by group process, the Rule has language that is surprisingly elegant and mellifluous, with some especially memorable turns of phrase.  In these conversations, most Brothers have mentioned specific favorites.

Br. Jonathan Maury:  Oh, there are so many!  I think our decision to include so much from Father Benson has served us really well. There’s that wonderful phrase, “men of the moment, precisely up to the mark of the times,” but I’m thinking also of his teaching on vocation being “continuous, abiding, and progressive,” a dynamic that applies to any Christian’s life. There’s nothing elitist about Father Benson.

Br. David Vryhof:  Jonathan’s right.  There are so many moments, but one of my favorites is from Chapter One, where we say, “Our community was called into being by God so that we may be entirely consecrated to him.” That could just as easily be said of the church, and that idea of being completely consecrated to God is actually the end to which every Christian is called.

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