Day Thirty-Six – Public vs. Private

: The Rule is a corporately “personal” document, particular to SSJE in many ways, and yet the Community made an important decision to make it public document as well.  Given that these conversations are also “public” in nature, have there been, are there downsides to opening the Community’s life in this way?

Br. David Allen: When I was first exploring a vocation with the Society, I was given a copy of the Rule and told that it was not to be circulated, that it was a private document, for the Society’s members only. I think our opening up the process has been enormously enriching, and I am pleased we made the decision to be so transparent. It’s not always been comfortable, but I think it’s been good.

Br. Curtis Almquist: It was our decision to open the process, albeit late in the process, that led to some of the new chapters being included, like the one on employees (35). We’ve already noted we need to think more deeply about that chapter, but we would not have included the subject at all without having opened the conversation beyond ourselves.

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