Question: The input of outside advisers and readers seems to have been a significant factor in the Rule’s final form.  What was the most significant input from the circle of outside readers who gave feedback on early drafts of the Rule?

Br. James Koester: That’s easy.  We would not have had the final chapter (49) on the hope of glory if we had not had outside readers of the early drafts. We ended—and I can hardly believe that we didn’t see how “anti-Johannine” this was—we ended the Rule with the chapter on holy death (48). There is a fleeting reference to resurrection there, but we ended at the tomb—and not the empty one!

Br. Kevin Hackett: From my perspective, as one who was not here when those conversations were happening, I think having those outside readers was a harbinger of things to come for the Society.  When I arrived, we had very few volunteers or advisers in our life. Now we couldn’t do what we do without them, everything from baking altar bread and preparing materials for our liturgies to consultation concerning our financial affairs and mission work.

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