Voices of Friends: Baptized at the Monastery

Rose’s baptism at the Monastery was a practical and urgent event. At the time of Rose’s bap­tism our family was in great peril because of family disintegration. Beyond the immediate horizon I knew that Rose would be facing deep suffering. Because of this, her baptism was of immense importance to me. I prayed and hoped that her baptism would offer her a memory of her holiness: a memory that would help her to remember that, no mat­ter the external circumstances, she is beloved, that there is a part of her that remains untouched by time, pain, or confusion. I hope and pray still that this memory will always help her to choose the path of love. I am grateful to the Brothers for making this possible for our family, for their friendship, and for their devotion to a life of love.

– José Hidalgo

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