Why SSJE: Charles Taliaferro

Charles TaliaferroTo have within the church’s communion a community like SSJE, dedicated to prayer for the whole world, is an overwhelmingly powerful witness. As I’ve tried to live a sacramental life, a life that really is governed and informed by the ongoing reality of the incarnation, I’ve depended on the sustained witness of the Society in prayer, meditation, reflection, good humor, sharing meals, and affection. My love for the songs and prayer book I use daily is grounded largely in the idea of their witness, the idea of there being monastic communities and SSJE in particular, who say the hours. When I’m doing morning or evening prayer by myself, I don’t feel alone. So I pray for their life, that they might have life more abundantly. I also pray that they may see men who are called to this vital life. I pray for the ongoing life of the community.

Charles Taliaferro – Minneapolis, Minnesota

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