Why SSJE: Dr. Henry R. Carse

Dr. Henry R. CarseIn Jerusalem, where Israeli and Palestinian aspirations for justice are still colliding violently, peace is a fragile dream. It is often invoked in nostalgic folk songs, but is practiced only rarely in real life. Heartfelt thanks are due to the SSJE community for supporting the courageous Jewish, Christian and Muslim children and their families of the Kids4Peace movement (www.kids4peaceusa.org). Kids4Peace reaches across lines of conflict and brings together children from the Middle East and from the USA and Canada, encouraging friendship and enhancing understanding of our common faith heritage as children of Abraham. Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers,” not “the peacewishers”. Rabbi Hillel taught that it is not enough to love peace; we must pursue it with all our strength. Blessings in your pursuit of peace with genuine justice. Salaam and Shalom!”

Dr. Henry R. Carse – Huntington, Vermont

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