Elizabeth WrightThe mercy I experience at the SSJE monastery is so rare it is overwhelming. When I first entered the chapel on retreat, I had no prayer to say. I just bowed my head like a question mark and listened. How to describe the difference between one silence and another? The silence right before morning prayer feels like when youロve been swimming in a lake on a warm day and you suddenly pass through a stretch of water coming directly from a spring. Something changes ヱ and all hearts seem stilled. I havenロt felt that way in a room with other people since the first few years following my confirmation almost thirty years ago. In the months since my first visit, Iロve found sanctuary and relief in the dignity and honor the brothers show each guest, in the way they speak the gospel with words and without them, in the consolation of the psalms in their voices. What is new for me, what I can’t get over: finally convinced of an undismayable love, I all ow my wounds to be dressed here and have stopped trying to dress them myself in order to appear presentable.

Elizabeth Wright – Waltham, Massachusetts

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