Stuart PikeColored light plays across old stone – smoke of incense swirls to the voice of the brothers – and I am at home. SSJE has become a place of pilgrimage for me. I thank God for the times I have spent there and the growth I have experienced. I am so grateful that the brothers are there, praying, teaching, reaching out and spending their lives as an offering to Christ and a gift to so many. Living near Toronto, Canada has meant that I can’t get there often enough. But knowing that the brothers are there strengthens me daily. Thank you, brothers, for your sermons podcasts. I listen to them on my ipod when I go to the gym. Everyone there thinks I’m listening to the regular head-banging music. Only I know that I’m there for a holistic workout of body, mind and spirit. Thank you for your blessing.

Stuart Pike – Burlington, Ontario

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