Why SSJE: The Rev. Charles La Fond

The Rev. Charles La FondThe Monastery was an incubator for who I am now. It gave birth to who I am now, the priest I always wanted to become. I will be forever grateful to the Monastery, which is why I have left part of my estate in the hands of the Monastery: because I want them to do that for other people, other Brothers and also other people who passing through the Monastery without wearing a habit. It’s like when you drop a mercury thermometer on the floor: all these balls of mercury roll out, and whenever you touch one, it becomes three more that go out in all directions. That’s what happens at the Monastery: people come to SSJE to figure out what is true and what is not, then they go out and make more of what is true.

The Rev. Charles La Fond – Boscawen, New Hampshire

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