Why SSJE: The Rev. David Boyd

The Rev. David BoydWe are a clergy family and over the years have been called to various places about the country. With my parents both deceased my home town doesn’t really feel like home anymore and there exists the tendency to feel homeless. We have been connected to Brothers for over twenty years and coming to the Monastery always feels like going home. It’s a place that is a home to many. Though SSJE is just a few Brothers in a particular place, the impact they have on the Church is vast. Those of us who benefit from knowing them take who and what they are with us when we leave. Early observers of the Christian Church said with amazement about the Christians: “see how they love one another.” That is what one can say about the Brothers, “See how they love; how they love God, how they love one another, how they love those who wander through their doors.” My life, the life of my family and the life of our Church would be greatly impoverished without these faithful Brothers who love so well and make the love of God manifest.”

The Rev. David Boyd – Austin, Texas

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