Why SSJE: William Winston

William WinstonVocation. During my first year after seminary I looked for a community and a way of life to sustain me through the rest of my life as I had been sustained in seminary. Repeatedly I was drawn to an association with SSJE. In fact, I kept the Associates’ Rule for 5 years before I applied to become an Associate. Only several years later was I able to visit the monastery for the first time. During the time of my ministries in OK and ME, I was so frequently worshiping with the men in Cambridge that I came to have “my own pew” ( a favorite chair), which is visible from the chapel postcard and reminds me, wherever I am, how much that chapel and that community are my spiritual home. That place and those men have seen me through thick and thin; for which I am always grateful, day by day, for that vocation.

William Winston – Lockport, New York

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