Letter from the Fellowship: Gerone Lockhart

At the moment, my life seems to be in a sort of liminal space, marked by an internal disquiet that promises either change or despair.  What I can say about my experience of keeping a rule is this: the experience of keeping a rule, but more importantly the experience of knowing SSJE as they keep their rule, is serving as an anchor for me.

As I look to the future and as my life is being reshaped, I ask: What do I desire most?  How will I orient my life in a way that is at least as compelling to me as the witness of SSJE?  A part of me that feigns to be wise shouts that this standard is too unsparing, too absolute.  And to these loud voices I respond: This is the way that I tether myself to life in unsteady times.  My ability to reshape my life in the image of my fears is much too great to move through these days without an anchor.

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