As They Went – Br. Luke Ditewig

Br. Luke DitewigTen lepers called out: “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!” When he saw them, Jesus said: “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” As they went, they were made clean.

As they went. Not at the moment Jesus spoke. Not at the moment they met the priests. As they went. As they followed Jesus’ invitation. As they did the next thing asked, as they journeyed. As they went, they were healed. Healing may happen in motion, in process, as we go, as we live, as we follow. During a short walk or over a long journey. At a particular point in time or as a process into which we receive glimpses of insight.

Yesterday I reached out to a brother in a way that’s not normal for me. Afterward I realized: I don’t do this much, and I didn’t do this at all two years ago. This was a glimpse of insight that I am changing. I am becoming. As I go, as I lean into this life, I am being healed.

When one of the lepers recognized his healing, he returned to thank Jesus. Jesus asked: “Where are the nine? Were not ten healed?” Giving thanks seems simple. It can be such a challenge. I wish I could say thanksgiving was my first and primary response yesterday. Yet when I glimpsed healing, I immediately wanted more, something bigger, better. I wished I was further along, fully healed, no longer in need. Lord, have mercy!

Retreat offers time and space to return, renew, and refresh these basic prayers: Have mercy! Thank you! Retreat also offers time to listen deeply. What is Jesus’ response, Jesus’ invitation to you? Retreat may offer perspective. We may get a glimpse of insight into how God is at work in our lives, of how healing is happening, of transformation transpiring. Today with Jesus, pray for mercy and give thanks.

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