The Third Day of Christmas

The gift of Forgiveness

In English the verb forgive comes from the Latin perdonare, which means to give thoroughly and wholeheartedly. To forgive is to wholeheartedly give it up. It’s an offering, and act of “oblation.”




  1. Janet on December 29, 2018 at 03:46

    Listening to this again this morning, I realise that I have not truely forgiven a person who has hurt me. Lord I lift D to you, and ask that you continue to lead and guide me to forgive so that the binds are completely removed. Amen

    Thank you for this meditation, may our Lord continue to bless you as you serve Him.

  2. Suzy Sinnott on January 1, 2018 at 13:24

    I am so grateful this is audio. I have listened to it twice and plan to listen to it again. It is as if Jesus is speaking with His still small voice and gently saying “this is the Way walk in it .”

  3. George E. Hilty on December 28, 2012 at 13:57

    The complementarity of friends who love us no matter what and those who irritate us and expose our own character flaws is a profound reminder of the complexity of my soul and the multidimensional ways in which God is acting to transform me. Offering my character flaws or my irritation buttons in the way of our offering of our selves in the Eucharist helps integrate my life and responses to The Lord. Thank you for the insight.

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