“Most of us have likely found ourselves acting and thinking in ways which are opposite to what we would identify to be “good.” None of us is free of the influence of evil. But our celebration of Jesus’ suffering, death and glorification in this Holy Week provides a sacramental and transformational means to the grace of divine love, which evil can never defeat.” – Br. Jonathan Maury

On Tuesday in Holy Week at the Monastery, we celebrate the Eucharist in the evening. This evening gathering around the Lord’s Table invites us to join the disciples at the Upper Room, sharing a meal with the Lord.

We reflect together on the words of used at the presentation of the Bread and Cup here at the Monastery, which derive from St. Augustine’s Sermon 57, On the Holy Eucharist: Behold what you are.  May we become what we receive.  

These words point to one of the deep truths of Christian faith: Through our participation in the sacraments (particularly baptism and Eucharist), we are transformed into the Body of Christ, given for the world.

How is God transforming you into Christ’s Body and giving you to the world?


Psalm 78:14-20, 23-25


“The Journey from Darkness to Light” – Br. Jim Woodrum
Br. Jim Woodrum encourages us to step from the shadows, and follow Jesus into the light of new life and resurrection.

“The Hour Has Come” – Br. Keith Nelson
Br. Keith Nelson invites us to the experience of Holy Week as a time of vulnerability, allowing ourselves to experience the paradoxical binaries at the heart of the Gospel and our own lives.

“God’s Strength in Our Weakness” – Br. David Vryhof
Br. David Vryhof looks to the cross of Christ to discover how God’s strength is made perfect through our weakness.

“The Legacy of Judas” – Br. Curtis Almquist
Judas’ presence at the table of our Lord is an invitation to us all: to mercy.

“Now, Now, Now” – Br. James Koester
Pay attention: Now is the time when Jesus shall draw all people to himself.


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  2. Pamela J Wright on March 27, 2018 at 10:24

    I am very thankful and appreciative of these resources made available through this medium. It is perfect for me.
    it is also reassuring to know that others will have this convenient access to The Word, worship, and the resources that will help in daily life and Christian growth. THANK YOU!

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