God’s Treasury – Br. Mark Brown

Br. Mark BrownMark 12:38-44

What will you put into the treasury today?  Will it be a large sum or two copper coins worth a penny?  What will you put into the treasury of God’s loving concern?  What will you give over to be treasured in God’s heart of love?

Will it be a large sum signifying little? Will it be two copper coins signifying much? Whatever you do give over will be transformed, changed, perhaps even transfigured.

The place of deposit in this banking system, by the way, is the altar.  In this temple the coin looks a lot like some bread and wine worth only a few pennies. But it is much more.  Among other things, the bread and the wine signify what we offer to God today. Whatever we put there is returned to us changed, transformed, perhaps even transfigured.

Will you in your wealth give over a large sum signifying little?  Or, will you, in your poverty put in two copper coins that signify much? Will you, in your poverty, put in all you have?  All you are?  And all you ever hope to be?  All your desires and dreams?  All your fears and anxieties? Will you put it all into the treasury today?  And every day?

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