100_3891Through “Brother, Give Us a Word,” I have an everyday kind of relationship with SSJE, because that e-mail pops into my box every morning and either challenges me or focuses me or comforts me. I just love that, even on busy days, I receive that little something – not just a blurb; not just some simple thought, promising me a happy day. No, the word is almost always challenging. It holds real-life questions and provocative ideas to make me think. 

Typically, I’ll star the day’s word in my inbox because I want to come back to it. Then eventually, I realize that my inbox is full of so many flags waiting, I can’t possibly go back to each one of them, so I just save them all. They’re all worthy of going back to and thinking about some more! 

I support the Monastery so that the Brothers are able to continue that work and continue the ministry from which I have benefited. I’ve gotten to where I feel like I know the Brothers now, having had chats with them every day for several years! It’s a gift of gratitude.

– Carol Petty

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