Why SSJE? – Christina McKerrow

Christina McKerrow - Photo for SSJESome years ago, Br. James Koester came to Kingston (ON) for a Quiet Weekend in the City. Since then, the Way has been drawing me closer to God, slowly, slowly. About nine or ten years ago, my husband developed Parkinson’s disease, and later cancer as well. In spite of my formerly lackadaisical relationship with Jesus and our Eternal Saviour, I prayed to God. I asked to be granted patience, compassion, a loving heart to deal with the daily stresses. God’s gifts, in answer to my prayers, came silently in the night, and my husband John and I did our best with His help. I discovered then, and more recently, that my time is not God’s time. 

SSJE’s founder, Richard Meux Benson, wrote: “We cannot bound into the depth of God at one spring….God draws us on.” How very true. All the blessings and gifts I have been granted are continuously undergirded by the Brothers’ morning words. My morning begins by putting on the kettle, switching on the computer, making my cup o’ tea, and settling down for my time with a Brother’s morning sermon. Thank you, dear Brothers, for bringing daily blessings to so many of us. I feel I know you, and some of the other responders. I hope to get to Boston one day to meet my SSJE Brothers.

– Christina McKerrow

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