052Being a member of the FSJ, I share a mutual bond of prayer with the Brothers. Just knowing that makes a difference in my life, really. I know that I am part of a circle with this group of men who are living a life of prayer for the world. The relationship of mutual prayer is a very stabilizing thing – both subtly and strikingly effective. It’s a preview of the Communion of Saints.

    It’s been helpful to me, in really practical ways, to have this relationship of mutual prayer as I’ve discerned a call to ordination. I have felt supported in this by the Brothers, even though I haven’t had any conversations about it with anybody from SSJE. My decisions or directions have felt the added discernment and support of a body of men who are very committed to what they’re doing, and that’s helped me, just as following the FSJ Rule has helped me to have a clear head and a clear heart as I discern forward with my own life. 

    Supporting SSJE financially is just a practical, material part of this relationship. Imagine how it would be to say you love someone, but never doing anything for them. How would that work?

– Ross Bliss

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