Fall_Insert_Nature-CoverThroughout 2016, the Brothers will be reflecting on how our relationship with Creation can deepen and shape our life with God. This Cowley takes up that theme

In the Monastic Wisdom article on “Living in Rhythm,” Br. James Koester marvels how the rhythms of the creation can draw us into deeper life with God and greater balance within ourselves.

Download a PDF here: Living in Rhythm: Following Nature’s Rule


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  1. Fall-Cowley_2015_CoverBr. Keith Nelson shares how his season at Emery House has shaped his vocation.
  2. Br. John Braught discusses how his connection to the natural world at Emery House informs his prayer.
  3. This year’s Grafton House Interns reflect on the graces and joys of their internship experiences, living surrounded by the beauty of creation.
  4. Do you embrace change or resist it? In an interview, Br. Luke Ditewig narrates his journey to the Monastery and looks forward to a lifetime of change.

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