Sermon for Friday of Proper 27B – Br. David Allen


[Wis. 13:1-9]

Since about the age of 9 I have been an avid reader of mystery stories, good ones, not the lurid ones.  I believe that over the years that habit has helped me to become more sensitive to the Mystical Literature of the Bible.

Today’s first reading from the Wisdom of Solomon certainly fits into that category. I believe that the meaning of most mystical literature can be seen more clearly by contemplation rather than by reason.

I have been praying with today’s first lesson to see it more clearly as prayer ever since I first read it over, earlier this month.

I see this chapter as a lament for those people who created gods for themselves out of the powers and beauty of nature. In their failure to see God as the author and creator of all things such people gave worship and homage to the things God has created instead of to God.

Near the beginning of this chapter we can read:   If through delight in the beauty of these things (i.e. natural phenomena) people assumed them to be gods, let them know how much better than these is their Lord, for the author of beauty created them. (Wisdom 13:3)             

This problem is not one limited to the ancient world, or from the time when the Wisdom of Solomon was written.  It is one which is becoming more and more a matter of concern for us in the Church today. In many places throughout the world church attendance has dropped. More and more people are less and less involved in church activities.  Fewer people consider themselves to have a relationship with God.  It is not the same problem that faced the writer of The Wisdom of Solomon.  It isn’t that Natural Phenomena are taking the place of God.  It seems more that the goals of daily living or other concerns are taking the place of prayer and worship in many people’s lives. 

Other things have taken the place of God in those people’s lives.  We need to show those people who have become indifferent to God that the love of God is important to us.  We pray for them to find God.

In whatever way we can we should let the indifferent ones see that these things–having a relationship with God and a real awareness of his love, Prayer and Worship, and participation in spiritual activities–are important to us, and should be to them.

Do you let other people see by your demeanor that knowing the love of God is really important to you?

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