1. Elizabeth Hedley on January 27, 2016 at 21:14

    We will be using this program for our Lenten Study in a Bible study group at Holy Comforter Episcopal Church in Vienna, VA. This group has been meeting for well over 20 years and we are looking for to pursuing this program. Is this video and the others in the series available on an Iphone so we could watch it in class together or should I just give each of the 10 members of the class this website access? I and one other person are the facilitators and will be using the resource manuals. Would these videos be available on DVDs we could use in our meeting space?

    Thank you for your response. Since I live in Northern Virginia, if you have any specific materials available at the Seminary, I would happily come there to pick them up or copy or study them for use in our class. Thank you for helping make this available.

    • Reviewer on January 28, 2016 at 08:29

      Hello Elizabeth,

      Thank you for writing and for your helpful question.

      -Yes, it IS possible to watch the videos on iphones or any other phone or tablet which has that capability (i.e. a smart phone)

      -If people would like to see the videos as they are published each day to prepare for the group, they can sign up to receive the videos and they will be delivered to their email every morning at 5:00am

      -You and anyone else who signs up will receive an email each Saturday during the series which is a compilation of all the videos from the previous week. These will run together as one video, so if you would like to review the videos together as a group, you can also use that, or play each individual video.

      -If someone in the group is not signed up, they can always go to the SSJE website each day and the video will be posted there: https://www.ssje.org/

      -The Facilitator’s page may also provide you with additional information and links to resources: https://ssje.org/ssje/growruleresources/

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