Worship Schedule

The Monastery Chapel will be closed until Sunday August 27.

The Monastery Chapel opens each day before Morning Prayer and remains open through Compline at the close of the night. We invite you to make use of the Chapel as a sanctuary of quiet, a space for you to pray and ponder. We also invite you to join the Brothers in our daily round of prayer and worship.

First Tuesdays

Join us each First Tuesday of the month for the 5:30pm Eucharist and stay for the Meal with Monks afterward: a hearty soup supper and chance for conversation with the Brothers and each other.

Recent Sermons:

Monastery Worship Schedule

6:30 Morning Prayer
9:00 Holy Eucharist
12:30 Noonday Prayer
4:00 Evening Prayer

No public worship. (Brothers’ Sabbath)

6:00 Morning Prayer
12:30 Noonday Prayer
5:30 Holy Eucharist
8:30 Compline

6:00 Morning Prayer
12:30 Holy Eucharist
6:00 Evening Prayer
8:30 Compline

Thursday – Saturday
6:00 Morning Prayer
8:00 Holy Eucharist
12:30 Noonday Prayer
6:00 Evening Prayer
8:30 Compline

About the Daily Office

The Brothers’ worship schedule, what has traditionally been called the “Daily Office,” is described in the SSJE Rule of Life as:

“A sustained act of union with Christ by which we participate in his unceasing offering of love to the Father. In reciting the psalms, singing canticles and hymns, proclaiming the divine word in Scripture, or lifting our voices in prayer, we are to enter more and more into the mind, heart, and will of Christ, and to be borne up by the Spirit in him to the Father. 

Our praying of the psalter, which is the heart of the Daily Office, takes us ever deeper into the mystery of the incarnation; the psalms give voice to the whole range of human experience which Christ has embraced and redeemed as the Savior of the world. As we sing and chant deep levels of our being are involved; our hearts are lifted up in greater exultation. And music enhances our worship with riches inherited from many ages.”


  1. kate on March 20, 2017 at 15:13

    I hope you plan to publish your schedule for Holy Week services before too long. Thank you!

  2. Nancy Hall on February 23, 2017 at 19:03

    At which service do the monks chant?

    • Reviewer on February 24, 2017 at 07:10

      There is chanting in all of the services, to varying extent. The Eucharist services will resemble a service in any parish with hymns, readings, sermon, Eucharist. the Psalms would be chanted. Morning Prayer, Noon Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline services are largely built around chanting. The chapel is also open all day, every day, except for Mondays, the Brothers’ Sabbath, from Morning Prayer until the end of Compline. The Brothers welcome and encourage people to visit for time of quiet prayer.

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