2016 Fall Cowley

Fall16 Cowley CoverClick on the links below to read selected articles from the Fall 2016 Cowley Magazine, which takes up the theme “Marks of Mission, Marks of Love”:

  1. In the Monastic Wisdom for Everyday Living article, “Beloved: Marks of Mission, Marks of Love,” Br. Mark Brown examines the story of Jesus’ baptism to uncover its role in helping to establish his sense of mission – and the mission to which we are all called.
  2. Associate Professor of Christian Mission and the Director of the Center for Anglican Communion Studies at Virginia Theological Seminary, Robert Heaney, unfolds how the Anglican Marks of Mission are Marks of Love.
  3. Br. Luke Ditewig suggests how the Five Marks of Mission – tell, teach, tend, transform, treasure – signify that Jesus’ love is making its mark on us.
  4. Two of the past year’s Monastic Interns reflect on what they’ve learned about embracing uncertainty and practicing silence.
  5. FSJ Member Scott Christian shares reflections from the recent FSJ Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
  6. “What price is too high for knowing You better?” Br. John Braught shares the vocational struggles and realizations that brought him to the Monastery.

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