Co-workers Walking in the Truth – Br. David Allen


3rd John (1-4) 5-8

Today’s First Reading gives us a brief glimpse at life in the second generation of the Early Church.  If we look back to the beginning of this Letter, (3rd John) we can see that it is unique among the Epistles of the New Testament.  It is a letter written by an Elder (perhaps John) in charge of a congregation of Christians, presumably in Asia Minor, probably early in the second generation of the spread of the Church.

This letter is unique because it is not addressed to churches in that region, as most of the Epistles were.  It was addressed to an individual, whose name was Gaius.

The first few verses (1-4) tell us a little about Gaius.  He was held in great esteem by the elder who wrote it.  He was addressed as beloved.  The purpose of this first part of the letter was to tell Gaius of the testimony given by some friends (or brothers) who had told the Elder of Gaius’ faithfulness to the truth. (v.3)

In those verses that were read as our First Lesson (5-8) the Elder expanded on the significance of that report of the good witness about Gaius.  The Elder exhorted Gaius to send those brothers on “in a manner worthy of God; for they began their journey for the sake of Christ.”  (v. 6)  At the end of our reading this morning John the Elder wrote to Gaius that he and those brothers who had given him such a good testimony should become co-workers walking in the truth. (v. 8)

Are you co-workers with those who walk in the truth?

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