Activity Guidance – God Sighting Map: Week 4

Week 4 Activity: God Sighting Map
This week, create your own “God Sighting Map,” which locates God’s presence and activity in your surroundings and in your interactions with others. Start close to home, then move out into your neighborhood and community. Who or what has been a sign of God’s love to you today?

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Br. David Vryhof introduces the fourth week’s activity, the “God Sighting Map,” which aims to make us aware of God’s presence and activity in our life, in our surroundings, and in our interactions with others.

Transcript: In this fourth week of our program, we’re considering the Third Mark of Love, which is responding to human need by loving service.

The activity we’ve chosen this week we’ve called A God Sighting Map.  We want to encourage you to be aware of God’s presence and activity in your life, in your interactions with others, and in the world around you.  So we’re asking you to notice where you see God at work, where you experience the touch of God, where you hear the voice of God, where you witness the love of God lived out in your world, in your day, a day-by-day through this week.

God is everywhere present and sometimes it just takes us being more attentive to God’s presence, quieting our own inner voices to listen for God, and to look for God in the interactions of our daily lives.

In this activity, you’ll see a kind of map and you’re encouraged to just make notes on this map of different places, encounters, situations, in which you felt, or recognized or perceived God at work in some situation, in some place of need, in some interaction with another, and to make note of these on the map, and to share them then with members of your group.

– Br. David Vryhof


  1. Stan on March 19, 2017 at 21:33

    Another interesting exercise. There are so many opportunities to see God’s work in action on the city streets. But they can be so difficult to find sometimes, because they can be disguised by what appears to be a complete absence of God. It’s all about perception, paying attention, and your own sensitivity to God’s love inside you.

    • Dave Ball on March 22, 2017 at 16:54

      I sighted God’s love in my two young grandchildren, who, already programmed to see reality predominantly in a digitized world, happily joined me yesterday on a hike through the nearby forest. There we observed new growth after a long winter and slow spring. Their delight in the forest and to me, reflected real joy toward all three, Christ with us, before us, behind us, in us…through us, around us, with us.

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