Fall 2017 Cowley Magazine: Praying with the Fourth Gospel

The Fourth Gospel

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  1. In the Monastic Wisdom for Everyday Living insert, Br. Keith Nelson reveals through his own experience how reading and praying with John’s Gospel can allow each of us to see the ordinary, challenging, and even painful events of our lives as signs imbued with meaning.
  2. Professor in New Testament at Virginia Theological Serminary, John Yieh gives a close look at the Johannine vision of Christian community as an embodiment of God’s love in Christ.
  3. Br. Jim Woodrum offers practical suggestions for how we can meet Jesus in prayer thoughout our day, every day.
  4. Tambria E. Lee, Chaplain at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, introduces various ways we might pray with John’s Gospel.
  5. How could a modern dance class open the way to a monastic calling? Br. Nicholas Bartoli shares his vocational journey to SSJE.

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