Catch the Life Announcement

We are launching a new campaign, “Catch the Life,” in order to spread the word of the monastic life to young men who might be interested in exploring this vocation with us. We love this life and hope that our joy in it is contagious. In the last several years, our hope has been rewarded with new Postulants and the Professions of Brothers Luke, Jim, Nicholas and Keith. As a community, we feel galvanized and called by God to build up the next generation of Brothers to continue the work entrusted to us. We believe that the religious life is more vital than ever to the life of the Church and the mission of God, as monasteries offer people a passionate experience of the life of faith, in order for them to go out in mission and service in the name of Christ.

We have created a new website,, to support this adventure. On the site we share why we love this life and describe some of the richness we have found in our vocation, as well as the stories of men who have offered their life to God in our community in the past. We hope the site will pique the curiosity of men who wonder what it looks like to “live upon a Truth.”

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