Sword of Love – Br. Lucas Hall

Br. Lucas HallMatthew 8:23-27

“They begged him to leave.” With this, the townsfolk in today’s Gospel reading confess that there are more than two demoniacs among them.

Jesus comes to the country of the Gadarenes and encounters two men, possessed. He rebukes the powers that ensnare the men, allowing them to flee into a herd of pigs. The animals are driven mad and throw themselves into the water to drown. This terrifies the swineherds, who rush into town, recounting the whole story. At this, the townspeople come out to meet Jesus, and beg him to leave.

This story is consistent with Christ’s promise to bring not peace, but a sword. Christ is a calmer of storms for the afflicted, but a harbinger of upheaval for communities built on and preserved by sin. By begging Christ to leave, the people have preferred livestock to humans. They have preferred to abandon and exile the afflicted, selling their neighbors to purchase stability. For the sake of peace, they have preferred pigs to men. But this is a false peace, a veneer that serves to obscure the brutality of their society. And it is into this peace that Christ, God’s right hand, thrusts his sword.

We might look at this and find it perplexing. This is Jesus, gentle and lowly of heart, the Good Shepherd, the one who has called us friends, the one who, with joy, receives little children into his loving arms. Even today’s Gospel reading is, fundamentally, a story of Christ the Healer showing mercy to the afflicted. Where, in any of that, is a sword?

But that is precisely the point. In a world enslaved and sickened by cruelty, love is a sword. In the realm of the demonic, mercy is tumult, silence is rebellion, gentleness is treason, prayer is violence, and righteousness is affliction. The sword of love cuts deep, and is full of a steadfast vigor that will not yield. There is a real sense in which we too are called to wield this sword, heavy though it may be. Not all of us will love in the same ways, the same methods, the same contexts, but all of us are called to love. But if we rely only on ourselves, it is a doomed battle; we must fight, but we cannot fight alone. And so we look to the One who is Love made flesh, whose love is so full, so complete, so uncompromising, that it transfigures death into life, to teach us how to love.

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  1. James Rowland on December 26, 2018 at 20:09

    Br Lucas
    Thank you for giving us a lot to think about. This Gospel episode has always puzzled me as one of the strangest. Love, indeed, is a sword!

  2. Carla on December 26, 2018 at 19:57

    I can visualize a sword of Love. A sword is heavy, extremely sharp and wielded by someone who practices using a sword. If Love is represented by a sword, we have to practice loving, keeping love sharpened and challenged loving others when Love becomes too heavy to handle.

  3. Barb on December 26, 2018 at 12:08

    Thank you for encouraging words “Love is the answer”

  4. John G. on December 26, 2018 at 10:36

    “Not all of us will love in the same ways, the same methods, the same contexts, but all of us are called to love….And so we look to the One who is love made flesh…to teach us to love.” Here is the portion of the message, that rings truest for me. The book, ” The Five Love Languages,” by Gary Chapman makes the same point about the differences in the ways we love. My wife and I are a good example. She loves by acts of service primarily. I love mainly by words of affirmation. Her style is active, mine reflective. We have largely accepted each others’ styles, but we need to be willing to meet the other person half way and sometimes more than half way bearing Christ’s love.

  5. Sharon on December 26, 2018 at 07:11

    Thought provoking and aimed directly at much of society today…are we more concerned about our loss of possessions than the healing power of love? I need to work on that. Thank you for the meditation for today.

  6. Julie on July 19, 2018 at 20:11

    Pretty amazing insight Bro. Lucas! Thank you Jesus for your crazy Love!

  7. Kate Hall on July 14, 2018 at 11:05

    Love always wins! Good sermon Br. Lucas!

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