Hospitality: New Issue of Monastic Wisdom Monthly

Have you checked out the August issue of Monastic Wisdom Monthly on Hospitality? One friend writes in, “Thank you so much for these well-expressed insights, these universal Truths that I want to share with others, whether Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim or not.”

The practice of hospitality has never seemed more essential. In our moment in western culture, we assume self-sufficiency. Yet in the desert of contemporary life we are all wayfarers, dependant on the generosity of strangers for survival. None of us can make it alone. Br. Luke Ditewig invites us to the practice of hospitality, which is not simply about sharing meals or shelter, but about receiving and offering sustenance of a much deeper kind. 

We invite you to explore the topic of hospitality through Luke’s reflection, quotes to ponder, suggested practices, reflection questions, and further resources. Read more here >


  1. Rev Patti Barrett on October 19, 2018 at 11:22

    Thank you for this – perfect in so many ways. And yes, churches must embody this.

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