Potential for Ministry – Br. David Allen

davidallen_1Luke 5:1-11

Each of the Gospels has its own way of telling how Jesus called his disciples.  In today’s reading from St. Luke’s Gospel we can see how Jesus used a miraculous catch of fish as the opportunity to call the first of those who came to be his disciples.

At some point early in his ministry Jesus established Capernaum as his home, on the NW corner of the Sea of Galilee, also called the Lake of Genneseret.

Jesus had become a familiar sight as he walked along the shore of that inland sea. Because of this Peter and those fishing with him could feel comfortable with him on that day when Jesus got into one of their boats and asked them to put out into deep water and let down their nets.

After having fished all night with no result it must have come as a shock to see the great net full of fish after Jesus had asked them to put down their nets.  Suddenly Peter was overcome with a feeling of unworthiness.  But Jesus recognized a potential within Peter that would be useful for the ministry that he was about to develop. Jesus challenged Peter and the others with the words, “Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching people.”  And so they did!

As we just heard when the Gospel was read, when the boats were brought to shore not only Peter, but James and John, partners with Peter, left everything and followed Jesus.  Soon after that others began to follow them as disciples of Jesus.

Does hearing stories like this one in today’s Gospel help you to understand Jesus’ call to follow him?

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