Presiding Bishop Curry recently invited the whole Church to take up what he calls “The Way of Love,” a series of practices that will help people to live Jesus-centered lives. “How can we together grow more deeply with Jesus Christ at the center of our lives,” Bishop Curry asks, “so we can bear witness to his way of love in and for the world?” His answer might not surprise Friends of SSJE. The answer is no less than keeping a Rule of Life!

“The deep roots of our Christian tradition may offer just such a path. For centuries, monastic communities have shaped their lives around rhythms and disciplines for following Jesus together. Such a pattern is known as a “Rule of Life.” . . .  The Way of Love: Practices for Jesus-Centered Life outlines a Rule for the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.”

Turn. Learn. Pray. Worship. Bless. Go. Rest.

SSJE is delighted to make an appearance in the promotional video for “The Way of Love,” which you can watch below. We hope you’ll check out this wonderful program.


  1. Daniel on May 1, 2019 at 19:49

    Thank you for this video series. I particularly like the function of a rule of life in terms of relationality – with self, others, creation, and God. It is beneficial to have that framework beforehand so that grace and compassion can be maximized and regrets minimized. I wish I had a rule of life much earlier in my life!

  2. Jane Buttery on April 10, 2019 at 17:21

    I like the view of creation as I-Thou as it makes us value the resources, God created for us. We are less likely to assume they will always be there and we need to value water, air, earth and plants as part of the beauty and joy of living on Earth.
    This is my second year teaching your program. I wish I could use the videos with my group more easily. I am going ahead with the beatitudes next and see much in them that fits with marks of love with justice and caring etc.

  3. Annmarie Bartoli Trejo on April 8, 2019 at 18:16

    I am so thankful for my family. Is every thing perfect? No. Were there rough times? Yes. But I learned that God is always in are life and supporting us. I am recently retired and I am so happy to be able to spend time with my grandchildren. I am thankful to my Mom and Dad who made us realize the importance of family. My parents are gone now but I spread thier ideas of family with my children.

  4. Jane Buttery on April 4, 2019 at 21:27

    This was beautiful and confirms the steps of the 5marks of Love; We can only turn to God if we hear the word,told and learn from teachings. We need to learn to pray, to rely on God in order to go out and show that love; we need to share worship so we can build confidence from others who love God too.Then after going we can always rest in that love.
    I will try to share this video with my group on Tuesday.
    Thank you Bishop Michael and you all, the brothers of SSt.JohnE.

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