Pilgrimage: Cowley Magazine - Fall 2018

We invite you to explore the Fall 2018 issue of Cowley Magazine, which takes up the topic of Pilgrimage. We hope this issue will inspire you to set out after the one who invites us, "Come, follow me."

Explore the online magazine, view selected articles below, or download a PDF copy.

Reflection: Pilgrimage

By Br. Geoffrey Tristram

“Unless we let go of the familiar, the safe, the secure, unless we take the risk of becoming vulnerable, we cannot grow.”

In this Monastic Wisdom reflection on “Pilgrimage,” Br. Geoffrey Tristram traces the practice of pilgrimage back to the origins of our faith and deep into the inner realms of our hearts.

Letter from the Superior

By Br. James Koester

“We are a people on the move. We may not cover much distance in our lives, at least physically, but as God’s pilgrim people, we are always on the move, slowly but surely making our way through the wilderness of this life, to the land of promise in the next.”

Br. James Koester introduces the issue’s theme of pilgrimage and shares recent news of the community’s life.

Letter from the FSJ: Amy Nizolek

By Curator

“My time in the Holy Land may have come to an end, but the pilgrimage is far from over. ”

Former SSJE Intern Amy Nizolek reflects on the richness of her pilgrimage to the Holy Land with SSJE Brothers, FSJ Members, and Friends of the community.

Journey to the Center of the World

By Br. David Vryhof

SSJE’s Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

“To where are you intrigued to go on pilgrimage? God’s inspiration is behind your intrigue.”

What happens when you visit the “center of the world”? Br. David Vryhof shares reflections on the recent SSJE pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Like a Beaten Bell

By Br. Keith Nelson

Praying in Places Thick and Thin

“Wherever you happen to be, the possibility of reconnection with God is as close as our next breath.”

Thin places can open new windows in our prayer; Br. Keith Nelson reflects on how the sacred also awaits us in spots closer to home.

Inquirers, Millennials, and Angels

By Br. Jim Woodrum

“I know there are other men out there, who are wandering, who are adrift, and who are searching for happiness, but always coming up a little bit short.”

A conversation with Br. Jim Woodrum about SSJE’s new vocations website: catchthelife.org

Spotlight on the Community Life

By Curator

“Imagine nine months paced by the ringing of a chapel bell. Instead of the static and noise of the culture, we share a day infused with silence.”

A glimpse into the SSJE Monastic Immersion Program.

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