God, Creator of all, who is otherwise beyond our grasp, takes on face and form as a child of Bethlehem. God is re-presented in our world, born just like we are, with hands and a heart and eyes, with desires and expectations and fears… and given a pronounceable name: Jesus. A name which both distinguishes him – that is, sets him apart from us – and at the same time opens a personal relationship between us, because we can know him and call on him by name.

-Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE

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The Seventh Day of Christmas: The Gift of a Name

How do you occupy your in- between time? These moments can be vacuous, and you may find your- self prone to obsess over all kinds of distractions or anxieties. Especially during these moments of space, you may find it inviting to breathe the name of Jesus.

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