In a world and nation dark with violence and war—in which leaders willfully abandon their responsibility to make peace through diplomacy, in which the earth’s very existence is threatened by human greed and inaction—we are to shine with the Light of Christ, bear the yoke of Christ, decide for the kingdom of God which Christ brings. We are called to dedicate ourselves anew to Wisdom’s teaching, love and truth, for we ourselves embody the fullness of Christ for our own and the world’s healing.

-Br. Jonathan Maury, SSJE

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The Eleventh Day of Christmas: The Gift of Peace

This offer and promise of Christ’s peace is here for the having. Receive it. Take it in as regularly and necessarily as you breathe. Breathe out fear; breathe in peace. Breathe out anger; breathe in peace. Breathe out sadness; breathe in peace.

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