Br. Keith’s Life Profession

We are delighted that our Brother Keith Nelson made his Life Profession in our Community on Saturday.¬†¬†Please take a moment to congratulate Keith and pray for his ministry in our Community. To read or listen to Br. James’ sermon, preached on the occasion, click here: Why Monks Matter


  1. Josephine Gibson on October 6, 2019 at 16:30

    Brother Keith, I look forward to hearing from you online, since you always inspire me to rethink the way I interpret stories and events in the light of Christ’s teaching.

  2. Cynthia (Cyndi) Wigdahl on September 2, 2019 at 08:09

    Dear Br. Keith,

    I sat near you for many services at the chapel during your season of early discerning that led to your early steps as a novitiate. Somehow (almost inconceivably to me) I have been gone from Cambridge now five years. In that time I have listened and prayed from afar… remaining a Friend of SSJE… and holding dear the onward life of the Brothers and the lay community gathered round you all there. I miss you all dearly.

    Even though I heard this wonderful news earlier in the summer when it happened… I am just catching up with email. So, it is with deep JOY and utter DELIGHT that I write to celebrate with you your Life Profession. May Christ light your path day by day… always forward, never back.

    Blessings and peace,
    Cyndi Wigdahl

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