Cowley Magazine - Fall 2020

We invite you to explore the Fall 2020 issue of Cowley Magazine, which takes up the topic of Answering God's Call. We hope that, in these pages, you will discover an underlying wisdom which you can adopt as you make your own prudent and wise decisions in the uncertain, challenging days and months ahead.

Explore the online magazine, view selected articles below, or download a PDF.

Why Monks Matter

By Br. James Koester

Br. James Koester & Br. Jim Woodrum trace the essential outlines of the monastic life and suggest how these principles can help the rest of us – beyond the Monastery – to live lives of love, purpose, and meaning.

What Is God’s Call?

By Br. Lucas Hall

When we feel paralyzed, when we feel impotent, when we feel stuck, what is God’s call to us?

Making Meaning

By Br. Curtis Almquist

Meaning-making happens in the context of life as it is – not as it was, or could be, or as we may think it should be, but in life as it is.

The Call of Christ in Our Time: Guidance for Christian Leaders

By Br. David Vryhof

We need God and other people to reveal to us the invitation or opportunity embedded in each of today’s stark challenges.

Swimming in Meaning, Rooted in God: A conversation about vocation with Br. Keith Nelson

By Br. Keith Nelson

I had a really wonderful day with God in this community yesterday; let’s do it again today.

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