Musical Selections & Psalms for Daily Evensong

13 October Tuesday, Feria
Phos H82 #31 Most Holy God, the Lord of heaven
Hymn H82 #565 He who would valiant be
Psalms: 89:II

14 October Wednesday, Feria
Phos H82 #S 59 O gracious Light
Hymn H82 #635 If thou but trust in God to guide thee
Psalms: 105:I & II

15 October Thursday, Teresa of Ávila
Phos Brother alone O gracious Light
Hymn H82 #513 Like the murmur if the dove’s song
Psalms: 106:I & II

16 October Friday, Feria
Phos H82 #419 Lord of all being, throned afar
Hymn H82 #411 O bless the Lord, my soul!
Psalms: 107:I & II

17 October Saturday, First Evensong of the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
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18 October Sunday, The Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
Phos H82 #24 The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended
Hymn H82 #530 Spread, oh spread, thou mighty word
Psalms: 114, 115, 116, 117

H28 = The Hymnal 1982

WLP = Wonder, Love, and Praise


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